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self accepting

Self acceptance is giving yourself the opportunity to be free from yourself. Finding your authentic self hides in self acceptance. However, in order to have a good mental health; self acceptance is a surety that you will get there. The more happiness you’ll allow yourself to accept, receive and enjoy; the more you will have happiness and believe that you are worthy. The more that you believe in yourself, the more worthy you become to believe in yourself! In fact, your level of self acceptance determines your level of happiness. More so, challenge yourself to give yourself a chance. You deserve it!

Here are 3 morsels of joy to help you with self acceptance:

1) Stop judging yourself so that you can secure a more positive sense of who you are.

2) Explore what parts of yourself you’re not yet able to accept.

3) Affirm what you want and say it everyday in a mirror, to yourself etc. Be specific.


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