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Decree and Declare Challenge No Comment

James 1:19 (NLT)

Understand this, my beloved brothers and sisters. Let everyone be quick to hear [be a careful, thoughtful listener], slow to speak [a speaker of carefully chosen words and], slow to anger [patient, reflective, forgiving].

God wants us to listen more than we talk. Sometimes, I hear with my mouth and speak with my ears. Strange. Really it’s not!  Try it! Spiritually, it helps you to discern better to see what is going on in the spiritual realm.  

Here are 3 morsels of joy that you will experience during this challenge:

1) Learn how to disagree in LOVE.

2) Practice patience.

3Overall, forgive so that you will not be in the prison of your mind.

I will start with mine.

Day 13 ~ I decree and declare that I will be quick to hear and slow to speak so that I can be slow to anger!

When we share our thoughts. We need time to consider each other’s perspective then leave it up to the Lord to show them our sideWe must learn how to be gentle so that we will turn away the wrath. Also, we must trust God’s timing. LET’S DECREE AND DECLARE A THING! SO IT WILL BE! JUST ASK. AMEN.


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