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Elevation comes from God!

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Elevation means being brought from a low position to a higher one. Elevation entails repositioning. Elevation will lead to reassignment to a higher position. Or raise to a more important or impressive level.

As you’re being transformed into who God has called you to be, you will begin to realize that some people may be removed out of the way, or maybe even you’re being asked to stretch yourself to new heights that you’ve never done before. However, the revelation of the elevation is far more than we can achieve if it wasn’t for our discernment. This is a sheer indication that it’s God who’s doing the elevation to get us to amplification so that illumination will take place!

Here are 3 morsels of joy to help you along the way:

1) Preparation is a key to embrace a new approach.
2) Celebration of yourself. No need for toleration of others.
3) Speak affirmations to decree and declare over yourself.


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