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Being grateful and showing it is another thing. Thanksgiving is around the corner and most families are getting their recipes, menus, making flight, bus and train reservations; as well as planning a trip via a vehicle. This is the time of the year that all families have Thanksgiving dinner. Well, ask yourself a question. Is it just one day that you show thanksgiving, or do you show or have an ongoing gratefulness? Have you made someone feel happy or joyous on this day? Did you tell someone that you appreciate them? Or perhaps, focus on attention and pay for someone else’s meal or groceries? Don’t show gratitude in a short-term matter. In fact, make it a long term matter so that you can reap its benefits because it fosters the atmosphere and help you to become that beacon of light for someone else that needs to see how to show gratitude.

Here are 3 morsels of joy to help you with displaying gratitude:

1) Have a daily gratitude session.

2) Cultivate gratitude by speaking loud about what you are grateful for.

3) Smile and stay positive.


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