About the author : Tia Titus is a Servant of the Lord. She is a #1 Amazon best-selling author, minister, joy enthusiast, entrepreneur, speaker, philanthropist and community advocate.


Countdown to book launch, Unexplainable Joy No Comment

Giving birth is a BEAUTIFUL thing! The joy of knowing the unexpected is priceless! God is truly a wonder because knowing that all I had to do is PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens). Well, I’ve done just that and now I’m so ECSTATIC! Now that I’ve opened my eyes to see this BEAUTIFUL baby (My book Unexplainable Joy: My Triumphant Bout with Breast Cancer), I’m OVERJOYED!

Unexplainable Joy: My Triumphant Bout with Breast Cancer by Tia Titus











3 morsels of joy I leave with you:

1) Get prepared by meditating with God

2) Exercise

3) Breathe (inhale and then exhale)


Tia Titus





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