As a #1 Amazon bestselling author of Daily Dose of Divine Inspirations for Mothers, as well as Unexplainable Joy: My Triumphant Bout with Breast Cancer, Tia Titus has just released a brand new book entitled, Morsels of Joy: A 90 Day Daily Devotional.

Morsels of Joy presents a 90 day daily devotional designed to present you with principles to guide you in your goals. The morsels are the downloads from Father God.


Find joy in the journey.

Trust God in the process.

~ Tia Titus

Picture Him coming down from Heaven to rescue you from all trials and tribulations.

Tia wants to inspire you with her daily decrees and declarations from the guidance of the Holy Spirit; to uplift and reassure by offering biblical support and revelation for ways to walk humbly, step by step, with the Lord. Emphasizing God is always an encouragement where you will find love, hope, joy, and the meaning in the journey no matter the bumpy paths it seems.



Tia Titus is the founder of H.E.L.P. Management Services, minister, transformation leader, author, speaker, entrepreneur, and community advocate whose inspiration springs from a combination of an innate gravitation toward helping women coming out of the criminal justice system and to influence them to think of having a mental game of life; because that's what freedom really is. In other words, she had to become a "freedom fighter" and know that she has the same DNA as her peers, while helping them to stay focused and help change their mindset to become productive citizens again.


  Praise for Morsels of Joy


“Tia is a young lady of encouragement and power and her life speaks this in volumes in both of these area. I know this both personally, professionally and privately.” ~ Jane C.


When I think of Tia, I always smile! She is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. The words I would use to describe this Beautiful –Inside & Out- Woman of God are, Kind, Positive, Supportive, Faith-filled, Faith-full, Vivacious, Energetic, a Woman of Integrity & Honesty, a Survivor & a Thriver.

Tia has a passion to fulfill her purpose & calling, to help other women live victoriously and to become all God has created her to be. I am blessed to call her my FRIEND!” ~ Kathleen Ellis, Kathleen Ellis Lifestyle Design